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Vanilla Extract

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Pure Vanilla Extract

Product description

Vanilla extract is a magical elixir that has been used for centuries in baking, cooking, and as a flavoring for alcoholic beverages. It is made from the extract of vanilla beans and is an essential ingredient in many of the world's most popular desserts. This natural vanilla extract is made with the finest vanilla pods, alcohol-free and double fold-sealed to ensure a fresh and pure flavour. It can be added to milk, other liquid bases, cake mixes, desserts, and more to bring out the smooth and delicious flavor of real vanilla.

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 306 KCal

Carbs: 74.98 gm

Protein: 1.08 gm

Fats: 0.19 gm

Cholesterol: gm

Fiber: gm

Sugar: 63.3 gm

Health Benefits

All-natural flavour
No added preservatives, and alcohol-free
Rich in vanilla flavor

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