We commit ourselves to working toward UN Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs or Global Goals are a collection of seventeen interlinked objectives designed to serve as a "shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future".

UN SDG Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

Wildermart has chosen to be a plant based platform for the reasons of health, environment and compassion. By making this choice, we make a huge climate impact. Our products taker fewer resources and cause less biodiversity losses.

We partner with homegrown local brands to reduce footprint of your food. A lot of these brands have responsible methods of production. We thereby create an ecosystem of value-driven organisations building the food system of tomorrow.

Our Impact on Other SDGs

We live in a connected world. Mindful food choices go further than you think. By choosing to be a plant based store, we collectively create a massive impact with out community's food choices.

The food we give cows is enough to end world hunger. Plant based diets can free up resources for food production.

Eating healthy everyday reduces occurrence of lifestyle diseases and improves overall quality of life.

Most brands we partner with are led by or founded by women. Many of them employ a strong women led workforce.

Water footprint of plant based foods is considerably lower. You make more potable water available shopping here.

Homegrown brands of ours promote rural economies, building from their local villages! Go vocal for local economies.

Plant based diet is the most planet-friendly diet. Lower resource utilisation, fewer GHGs, no deforestation & more.

Fishing is the largest cause of fish ecosystem dying and plastic in the ocean. Plant based diet brings this damage down.

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Animal agriculture is the biggest cause of rainforest depletion. Plant based diets protect habitat and its wildlife.