Plant Based Dairy

The reasons to switch to plant based dairy are many - lactose intolerance, kindness to animals and/or environment. But when you make the switch, be mentally prepared that it will taste slightly different. Remember that you are making the switch not for taste. Re-calibrate your palate and you will fall in love with this collection.
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Replace Your Normal Milk With Soymilk Available at Wildermart

With time, a lot of people have become aware of the animal cruelty that is happening all over the world in the dairy industry. We have also become more aware of the intense environmental damage that this industry is causing. And the health benefits of dairy are very debatable today.

This is the reason many people are starting their transition to a plant-based diet, even for dairy products. It started out with experiments with Soy mylk. But today, with innovation, there are a lot more milk alternatives made locally in India and Wildermart brings to you the best ones.

Nut based mylks like almond mylk, cashew mylk, hazelnut & walnut mylks have come into the market. But a more sustainable alternative of oat mylk is evolving now. We are seeing a lot of brands enter the market. While nut mylk is heavy, oat mylk tends to be lighter and easier to make a transition to.

The exciting news is that innovations aren’t just stopping at mylk substitutes. All the dairy products are getting replaced today - cheese, ghee, butter, paneer. We have vegan versions of all these products on Wildermart.

Benefits of Plant Based Lactose Free Milk

Cholesterol Free: Fun fact - cholesterol is only made in animals! So when you drink glasses of milk, you are essentially ingesting dietary cholesterol. Plant based dairy alternatives have 0 cholesterol. Of course, excess consumption of it will add to the fat in your body, which if not burnt out, may settle in as cholesterol eventually. But at least you won’t be eating cholesterol - and that makes a huge difference given the quantity in which most people consume it.
Better Digestion: About 60% of the Indian population is lactose intolerant. We are most often, not aware of it. Indigestion, acidity, stomach upset - are all symptoms of intolerance. But since they are mild, most people tend to ignore it and live with it. When you switch to plant based dairy, you will find your digestive system adapting and it will give you a lot more loving back!
No hormones or antibiotics: Dairy cows are pumped up on hormones to grow faster and are given tons of antibiotics since they are very prone to infections living in the closed, unhygienic confines of a dairy factory. These hormones and antibiotics have long term damage on the human body. Skip all this ugly by trying out plant based dairy.
Fewer calories: Plant based dairy alts have lesser calories than the full fat dairy. That’s because cow’s milk has a purpose - which is to grow a small calf into a full grown animal within a year. It is loaded with fat & hormones. When adult humans consume this, the body doesn’t really need any of it - and hence it stores it all as fat, if not burnt. Nut mylks certainly have more fat & calories than oat mylk - but they are still a great taste sub for the cow calories.
Better for the environment - Do you know that 1L of dairy milk requires 1000L of water? So all the water saving you do in your day-to-day life, goes for a complete toss when you open up that tetra pack. Cows fart methane, and a lot of it - given their complex digestive system. And that it is 90X more greenhouse effect than CO2. They are actually the leading cause of climate change today. You can find out more about the environmental impact of milk here.
Save the animal - We all think that there is no harm being caused in taking some milk from a cow since it has so much of it to offer. But the sad truth is that a cow lactates only when it produces a child. So for a cow to keep lactating, it has to be artificially impregnated its entire life. Not just that, once its dairy years are over, they are transported to the leather industry to be killed. Most dairy cows meet this fate. The male calves which are rendered useless to the dairy industry are killed within a week of being born and given to the beef industry. You can find out more about the animal cruelty here.

Variety of Plant Based milk

Soy Mylk: One of the classic plant-based milk is Soy mylk. It is the cheapest variant but has a very strong taste profile - which can be tough to work with for your daily tea & coffee requirements. But soy based protein products like tofu & tempeh are doing very well with the customers today. You can get tofu online at the Wildermart.
Almond mylk: One of the most famous plant-based mylk is Almond mylk. It obviously contains the nutritional goodness of almonds. But it also has a slightly sweeter profile due to almonds. It makes for a great swap in coffees.
Cashew mylk: Another great nut mylk based option is cashew mylk. It also adds the sweetness of cashew into the mylk. Nut mylks are slightly heavier & thicker since they get the natural fats of the nuts.
Oat mylk: This is a very light and mild-flavoured vegan mylk that has a lot of fiber in it. It is literally cereals in a glass! Oat mylk is gaining huge popularity today. It’s neutral taste makes it super easy to put it in breakfast bowls, tea, coffee, mylk shakes, etc. And oats are a most sustainable alternative to nuts.
Coconut mylk: This is an ingredient familiar to most Indians. Due to its thickness and flavour profile, this makes for a super substitute in Indian desserts. You can really cook up some fabulous tasting sweetmeats and not miss out on the dairy sweets.

Buy the plant-based dairy product from Wildermart

Wildermart is a 100% vegan store - but that does not mean every brand makes the cut here. We are a curated grocery store. This becomes particularly important for plant based dairy. When you are trying to make a lifestyle transition, you dont want to be put off by a bad taste experience. This is why we taste test every dairy sub product that we bring in. We also try real hard in finding brands and products which use no or minimal preservatives in their products. This helps ensure that your transitions are smoother, easier and tastier. Trust us to bring to you the best vegan dairy products in the market today.

We have a huge variety of products - but we stock only the best tasting alternatives out here. Try our tofu. It is not the usually thermocol store bought feeling at all. It makes swapping out paneer very easy. We have different varieties of curd - soy and peanut based. Yes, we know we South Indians need curd. And trust us when we tell you that these plant based curds make for the best curd rice. We also have more evolved products like tempeh for people who are ahead on the transition journey. And the variety of plant based vegan cheese will blow your mind. We have aged cheese, cashew cheese, spreads, grated and grateful cheese, melty cheese. All of it. And all taste verified by our curators!

Switching to a plant based diet hasn’t been easier than today. Founded by long time vegan founders, Wildermart really believes we need to transition to this lifestyle for a minimised damage on our health, environment and other living beings. Wildermart is driven by this vision and is determined to give you the best experience when you are considering to make the transition. Speak to our customer support executives who can guide you on your individual journeys.