Wildermart is India's first discovery store for healthy foods with a legit value driven membership model. Learn from experts, discover 'healthy for you' products, shop with an insider pricing & get insane rewards. This is India's top health brands flexing for you!

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Who can join?

If you are living healthy or just getting started, become a member. Brands and experts come together to make your commitment to health more rewarding. If you want to get healthier, we are here to make it informed, easy & value-driven.

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How does it work?

Memberships are paid. Once you sign up, you get a fixed discount off every order (15 - 30%). As you shop, you move up the tier to get a higher insider pricing. You also earn loyalty points which you can use to unlock health services discoveries.

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Membership Perks

Discover & shop with insider pricing of 15-30% OFF.

No delivery charges. 2-3 days delivery.

Exclusive content from community health experts

Spend reward points on health service discoveries

Membership Tiers

You move up the membership tiers as you shop with us. Your healthy journey gets more rewarding, the longer you stay committed.


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