High customer acquisition costs, poor retention rates and high delivery costs kill marketplaces & D2C brands alike. After 2 years of product-market fit testing, Wildermart is re-launching as an AI powered Discovery Store that tries to tackle some of these issues for both, ourselves & our brands.

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How does Wildermart help your brand?

Health conscious audience is elusive and expensive. Wildermart aggregates it in one place and allows brands to acquire them at a cost much less than your current CACs.

Food shopping is a habit building behaviour which is difficult to break. Our membership model creates the value in our value proposition to keep bringing our customers back.

Drop-ship model reduces your inventory loss, thereby reducing your costs. No RTVs, no expiry, no damages, no missing stock. Everything under your control - customer brand experience + inventory management.

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Model Cost Comparison

Additionally, enjoy the savings of no inventory related damages & losses. Plus the opportunity of making every customer interaction count!

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Terms of Engagement

  • Margin - 10% of MRP
  • Delivery - Drop-ship model. Brand bears the cost. WM Members are not charged any delivery fees.
  • Customer Insider Pricing - Provide 15% OFF (based on membership Tier of customer) on every purchase of a product. Note that this will increase as customers grow over loyalty in one year
  • Customer CAC - We will create a channel of customer data acquisition based on the new Privacy Laws released in Aug 2023. This will be launched only in Jan 2024.

Why Sign Up?

Bring down CAC by acquiring customers WM community

Retain, earn genuine customer loyalty and increase LTVs

Get access to real health conscious audience

Manage & control your own operations

Own your customer brand experience

Low marketplace margin & fixed cost model

Wildermart consumer journey

Wildermart is India's first discovery store for healthy foods. A heady mix of AI, content & insider pricing gives the users a rewarding reason to switch from their current shop.

How can you join?

Apply using the form below. Our verification team will get back to you with next steps if your products meet our criteria.