If you are a health service brand, then you can add value to the health journey of our members. Become a part of the Health Ally Network and be discovered by health enthusiasts. We partner with handpicked, reputed and credible partners who will uniquely contribute to our members' health.

Partner Up

Wildermart consumer journey

Customers will discover healthy foods on our store. In the process, they will earn coins which they can redeem only on discovering health services. Get leads for your business from a thriving health community.

Why Sign Up?

Bring down CAC by acquiring customers WM community

Retain, earn genuine customer loyalty and increase LTVs

Get access to real health conscious audience

Manage & control your own operations

What services qualify?

Nutrition Consults

Meal plans, weight gain/loss, consultations, health coaches

Training Classes

Yoga, martial arts, dance, personal training - any class promoting health

Diagnostic Tests

Any kind of preventive or investigative tests to keep in sound health

Wellness Experiences

Spa, energy healings, alternate healings, plant medicine & more

Disease Reversal

Diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, Whole Food Plant Based & more

31 - Wildermart

Activity Venues

Events at local venues to promote health & wellness

Meal Deliveries

Healthy food delivery services, detox plans, subscription services

34 - Wildermart

Care at Home

Care givers, home doctors, nurses - health service providers at home

How can you join?

If you have a service you think fits with our health conscious customer base, write to us!