It may be healthy, but is it healthy for you? Our bodies work differently and there's no one-size-fits-all healthy. Wildermart AI matches the right food to your health goals so that you can achieve them easy.

Experience AI powered personalised discovery from 3000+ healthy food products.

How is our discovery store different from your favourite app?

Health goals are personal. Our AI matches the right products to yours. Lose, gain, reverse, maintain with the right food by your side in the journey.

Top healthy food brands in India partner in your health journey with insider pricing for members. Get 15 - 30% off, every time you shop as a member.

We curate good for you & better for you brands. Our nutritionists verify their health claims so that your can discover healthy foods with confidence & trust.

Healthy food is a long term investment in yourself. Slow down, understand & learn before you shop. Enjoy a calm & meaningful shopping experience here.

What does AI do for you?

Our non-intrusive AI learns about your health goals as you shop with us. No nagging pop-ups or long forms. Instead, a quiet, familiar kind of shopping experience.

Personalised Recommendations

Tell us your health goals & our AI will suggest the right food fit for you

Personalised Search

Accurate search results with products you will definitely love

AI Shopping Guide

Chat GPT enabled guide to help you navigate the world of healthy eating

The Membership Model

Sign up as a member and start discovering. Enjoy fixed insider pricing on ALL transactions. Earn rewards for staying committed on your health journey. You can discover & shop without being a member. But who can say no to insider pricing & rewards?

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