As a discovery store, we take our responsibility seriously. We carefully check every product before it makes its way onto our shelves. We put checks & balances in place so that you have a safe space to shop from.

How do we like our food?

Good or Better for You

We provide food choices which are good or better for you. Easy access to better choices helps you hit your health goals faster.

Minimally Processed

We like our foods as close to how nature gave it. We avoid any additives in our products, unless the overall health benefits of the product outweighs its presence. Find labels as clean as they get.

Plant Based

Our store is 100% plant based - for health, environment & ethical reasons. Yes, even our proteins are made from plants - and we have plenty of them on our store. Our plant based team members live healthy lives, have reversed diseases and more!


We are a 100% local store. We believe the local market is more seasonal & very vibrant with food. Innovations in food are happening in our backyard and these makers are here to stay.

Responsibly Made

We try to work with brands that are mindful in their production. We love handmade, clean label, freetrade. We admire brands that employ marginalised communities & women. We work with no-cruelty brands.


Our in-house nutritionists verify the claims of the brands by checking the labels of each product. We prioritize clean labels, we keep an eye out for excess sugar or oil. We look at sodium levels and pay close attention to the fiber content. In a nutshell, we're committed to ensuring that the products we offer are truly honest in their claims.

How can your brand come on board?

Apply using the form below. Our verification team will get back to you with next steps if your products meet our criteria.