If you haven't noticed, a food revolution has begun. In India and globally. People are questioning their food choices. Where does our food come from? How is our food grown? How is our food made? Who makes our food? What ingredients go into what we eat?

Responsible consumers create responsible brands. Join us in the food revolution.

What's at stake?

Food brands have compromised on food quality to make it cheap & accessible. Food additives & bad ingredients are now impacting health. Diabetes, cholesterol, cancer have become lifestyle diseases. We stand up against heart attacks at 30.

Current process of large scale food production is unsustainable. The solution lies in altering food choices. When we make mindful choices, corporations will be compelled to prioritise responsible sourcing and production. We stand up against a future of fishless oceans.

Food production, like any other industry, creates large scale impact on humans & animals. Innovation and conscious consumption can end inhumane production practises, unfair labor laws, animal exploitation & cruelty. We stand against male chicks being ground alive for eggs.

Our right to better food choices

Food choices are partly under our control, and partly under the control of larger organisations whom we have given the responsibility to make our food for us. It is our right to ask them questions & hold them accountable.



Our responsibility as a consumer

Food is cultural. We grow into a food system - ingredients, cuisine, etc. All of our palate is but conditioning. When we choose to change our food choices, we will have to re-calibrate our palate.

We need to pay more for healthy foods. Clean ingredients, shorter shelf life, sustainable packaging - all of it costs more than the current options. But healthy food bills will reduce your medical bills in the long run.