Any value based startup needs its initial set of believers. Our current tribe at Wildermart is one such group. We strongly believe that the world deserves a better food ecosystem. We are building a place where everyone is committed to good health; to empower our community to make better food choices and to connect them with brands they’ll love!

The founder story

Shweta believes that everyone deserves a better food system and that we shall work towards building one. She is a serial entrepreneur, mother of 5 furries, vegan for 10 years, environmentalist, health fiend, spiritual, hippie child! She has seen the difference food choice has made on her mind, body & spirit and she wants to empower people to be able to make more informed food choices.

Small list of big advisors

Swaroop Mohan

With an extensive career in sales & events management, he understands the pulse of the customer and advises the business on sales & business strategies. A vegan and pet parent, he spends his easy time in being the uncontested pool champion of the city.


Ramki was a champion CRM & Data expert. He was a world-famous wildlife conservationist. Vegan. Marketing expert. He lost his battle to cancer, but his guiding light burns bright within us. "Make a brand like Patagonia", he said. We are working on it.

Anand Siva

Anand Siva has spent a sprawling career in data & CRM. He is an environmentalist, vegan, animal activist. He is known for his straight honest opinions and his expertise guides the business growth strategy.

Anand Rangaswamy

Anand has led Godrej Consumer Goods in LATAM for many years and is now a leadership coach. His zen-like company helps keep our leadership focused, sane & on track. He is a vegan and hopes to grow the vegan economy globally.

94 - Wildermart

Tony Navin

Tony has had a long career in ecommerce in India and abroad. He currently leads the digital portfolio for Kraft in EMEA. His expertise guides the business on growth strategies.

95 - Wildermart

Sairee Chahal

Sairee is the go-to leader for women entrepreneurs and we are grateful to have her time. Sairee guides us on business strategy, growth & leardership and is a strong proponent of clean eating herself.

Wildermart Tribe

87 - Wildermart

Manoj Prakash

Biker. Vegan. Father. Animal Activist. Make it Happen Guy.

Namita Satheesh

Nutritionist. Chef. Fitness Expert. Vegan. Pet mother. Marketing Expert.

Amrita Kar

Cat mother. Content. Project Manager. Do-it-all kinda gal!

Joe George

Tech Whiz. Wannabe dropout. Vegan. Animal Activist. Woke AF.

How can you join?

We are not actively hiring at this time. However, we always love chatting with talented people who share our vision and would like to build for it. If you are interested, email us at