Wellness Hamper
Wellness Hamper

Wellness Hamper

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Product Description

Switching to a healthy lifestyle includes those small everyday swaps which takes you closer to your goals. Gift your employees some ammo to hit on that road at super speed.

This hamper includes:

Organic Tea - Tea is one of the most pesticide infected plant and the first time those chemical leaves get washed is in your cup. Switching to organic teas rids you of chemicals and is better for the planet. This gentle Oolong tea by Rimpocha is exactly what you teams need to relax after a hard day's work.

Hemp Trail Mix - Snacking mid-work day is unavoidable. But snacking healthy is totally made possible with this trail mix from India Hemp & Co. Keep this sustainably packed jar handy on the work desk & convert it into a pen stand when done.

Peanut Butter - This completely natural, preservative free peanut butter by Jus Amazin is the best in class nut butter. Made fresh, in small batches - with out any preservatives. They also use organic ingredients. The easiest way to get proteins in.

Dehydrated Berries - Berries are packed with anti-oxidants which cleanse out your system. These berries by Flyberry are preservative free and come in many flavours. Add them to salads, bakes or simply munch away!

Cacao Spread - Cacao is intensely rich in anti-oxidants. This cacao nut spread by Mason & Co brings the best cacao in the country into an addictive dip format. There's no artificial sugar here - so your team mates can enjoy the richness of cacao in all of its glory.

Coconut Candle - And ofcourse it's Diwali. So how can we not do a candle? This brilliant upcycled candle in a coconut shell will perhaps stay unlit coz it looks so good. And it's made with soy wax - so completely vegan.

- FSSAI Certified Makers
- 100% Taste tested
- No artificial sugar in any product
- 100% VEGAN products - no milk, eggs or meat
- No chemicals in any products
- 0 preservatives in all products
- Customisable
- Can be branded

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Wellness Hamper

Wellness Hamper

Rs. 2,000.00
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