Peanut Butter 1+1 Offer
Peanut Butter 1+1 Offer
Peanut Butter 1+1 Offer

Peanut Butter 1+1 Offer

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Product Description
Do you love peanut butter? Then you will want in on this one.

Zvatra peanut butters are stone ground butters made with natural & organic ingredients. They have 0 artificial sugars & 0 preservatives. And they certainly taste different from any peanut butter you have eaten. This combo includes:

1*200 gm jar of sweet peanut butter
1*200 gm jar of spicy peanut butter

The sweet peanut butter is nothing but stone ground handroasted peanuts & chemical-free jaggery.

The spicy one is peanuts, jaggery, salt, garlic pods & chilli powder along wIth a host of Indian spices like coriander seeds, cumin and dry mango powder. No additional nasties.

Enjoy these delicious slow roasted, stone ground butters at home!
Option 1: Smooth Sweetened Peanut Butter
Smooth Sweetened Peanut Butter
Option 2: Spicy Chilli Garlic Peanut Butter
Spicy Chilli Garlic Peanut Butter




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