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Strawberry Spread

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Write a review
Rs. 290.00

Fouziya’s Strawberry Spread is handcrafted in small batches from whole strawberries (minimum fruit content – 64%!)… with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives. Go ahead, discover fresh strawberry chunks in your spread or spin up a milkshake! Enjoy.

With a hint of cinnamon for that yummy taste, the spread is a delight on a warm toast or chappati!

Ingredients: Strawberries, raw sugar(khandsari), lime juice, cinnamon, natural pectin.

Storage and handling instruction: This is a zero preservative product. Once opened consume within 4/5 weeks.  Always close lid and refrigerate after opening. Always use a dry spoon. Please note: If proper usage and storage instructions are not strictly followed, it may lead to spoilage.