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Rye Oat Seed Muesli

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Write a review
Rs. 325.00

100% Vegan: dairy and honey-free. Rye Oat Muesli is a fantastic breakfast cereal - light, rich in fibre and slow digesting grains, dry fruits and nuts - perfect to start your day with. A smattering of organic jaggery lightly sweetens your palate while keeping the sugar content low. Pour in some cold, cold nut/soy milk for a refreshing chewy fruit experience, or heat some milk up to have a glorious, rich, nutty porridge. 

Organic rye flakes, organic whole bran oats, organic almonds, dates, organic dehydrated banana chips, organic raisins, organic jaggery, organic flax seed, organic chia seed & organic ragi malt flour go into this.