Reusable Coconut Cutlery

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Product Description

Our Coconut wood cutlery is a sustainable and perfect pair for taking on the go, using for lunches and during travel.

This lightweight rustic cutlery is naturally stylish and can make great companion when you are on the go! By using our Coconut cutlery, one can avoid tons of single-use plastic waste, promoting a plastic-free and healthy environment.

Also coconut wood is naturally anti-microbial and the unique grainy pattern on them makes the cutlery durable and resistant to heat and liquid.


1  Spoon

1 Fork

*Material Coconut


-Hand-wash with Luke Warm water and mild soap.

-Use Coconut Oil to rehydrate your Cutlery

Note ‚Äö Do not use in Microwave and Dishwasher.

*Disposal Once it wears out, Compost it.

*Packaging We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly

Pack: Pack of 1

Discarded Coconut


Zero Waste

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