Ragi Crispies Peri Peri

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Ragi Chips (Peri Peri): Munch Health with Every Bite!
When life gives you munch cravings, answer it with Ragi Chips! Brimming with the goodness of ragi, Qualinut’s brings you premium standard ragi chips from its handpicked collection of healthy snacks. Originating in Africa and first imported to South India between 1800 to 1390 BCE, this nutritious millet has a long history of being known for contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Beyond helping significantly in weight loss, ragi chips also aid in the treatment of critical diseases like Anaemia, Diabetes, Osteoporosis. So, get over the unhealthy munchies and choose the power-packed version of chips that are gluten-free and 100% Natural. Qualinut’s exclusive ragi chips come in different flavours to delight your taste buds. Enjoy the crunchy Peri Peri.
Health Benefits
• Great source of natural protein
• A natural weight loss agent
• Gluten Free
• Increases bone density
• A natural antidepressant

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Ragi Flour, Vegetable Refined Palmolein Oil, Tapioca Starch, Black Gram Split, Flour, Rice Flour, Natural Identical Flavour - Peri Peri