Purple Pitcher Smoothie Mix - Freeze Dried - Wildermart
Purple Pitcher Smoothie Mix - Freeze Dried - Wildermart
Purple Pitcher Smoothie Mix - Freeze Dried - Wildermart
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Purple Pitcher Smoothie Mix - Freeze Dried

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Black Jamun , Banana

Product description

Experience the power of purple-hued fruits in dried smoothie mix. A visually appealing and flavorful choice for your blends. No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners Added.It Just has the natural sweetness of the fruit. Powders are made from Dried Fruits using state of the art Freeze Drying Technology.

Remember to remove the oxy-absorber before consuming. Store unopened packages in a cool, dry place at room temperature – no refrigeration required. To maintain crispness, store opened pouches in an airtight container or refrigerate unfinished bags to prevent moisture. Consume fully once opened. Shelf Life: 12 months from manufacturing

How to Prepare
• Mix 2-3 tablespoons (25-30 grams) of smoothie mix powder with 150 ml water and ice cubes.
• Blend for 90 seconds; use milk or yogurt for desired consistency.

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 360 KCal

Carbs: 82.0 gm

Protein: 7.0 gm

Fats: 0.0 gm

Cholesterol: 0.0 gm

Fiber: 8.0 gm

Sugar: 66.0 gm

Health Benefits

Allergen free & clean label
Ready to eat and easy to carry
No added sugar, artificial additives, or preservatives.
Gluten-free and vegan
Natural flavoring ingredient
No refrigeration is required.

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