Plant Meat

Plant Meat

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Introducing Evolved Plant Meat - Incredibly Delicious Meat, Made from Plants

To some, the idea that meat made from plants can taste exactly like, if not better than meat from animals, is incredulous.

So, we took incredulous head-on and came up with something incredible.

Evolved Plant Meat is a ready-to-cook, juicy, meaty & chewy protein which is 100% vegetarian, plant-based, and super-versatile and offers the same sensory experience as traditional meat without any of the bad stuff.

From biryanis to kebabs, pulaos to pizzas, weve got you covered.

Cook it the way you want and relish the familiar taste of your favorite dishes with an Evolved twist.

100% Taste 0% Meat!

  • Ready-to-cook plant-based protein
  • Protein-rich, Dairy-free, Low fat
  • Zero Cholesterol, Non GMO, Zero trans fat

Directions for Use: The product is versatile and can be cooked in different ways: Grill, saut‚ steam, pan-fry, deep-fry, slow cooking, stir-fry. Marinating the product for about an hour or longer is best for absorbing flavors. Once cooked, the product will be ready-to-eat in 10 minutes or less!

Allergen Warning:Soy, Gluten

Storage Instructions:Store at chilled temperature (2-8 degrees)

Shelf life:30 days from MFD and to be consumed within 2 days once opened

Pack: 220gm
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