Organically Grown Snake Gourd

Organically Grown Snake Gourd

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Snake gourd has been known to provide significant medicinal value since ancient times. It is native to southeastern Asia and Australia and is also grown in parts of tropical Africa. The whole fruit is eaten as a vegetable when young and can be dried and used as a soap. Snake gourd is a rich source of dietary fibers to aid in digestion, it also has significant amounts of vitamins C and E and antioxidants, which improve skin and hair health and remove harmful free radicals from injuring the healthy cells in the body. The snake gourd has many uses in cooking, depending on how ripe it is. Young, immature gourds are crunchy, with a firm, white pulp, no seeds, and a mild taste that's very similar to cucumber. They are excellent in stir-fries, Thai or Indian curries, cooked in tempura-style batter, or even turned into chutney and pickles.

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