Organically Grown Colocasia / Arbi
Organically Grown Arbi

Organically Grown Colocasia / Arbi

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Arbi in Hindi, and chamadumpa in Telugu, this vegetable is known by various other names in different languages. Arbi, when cooked, steamed, or boiled has a sweet and nutty taste. Colocasia or Arbi is a very good source of vitamin A an important vitamin that helps in vision. It also prevents macular degeneration associated with age and can also help in delaying the onset of cataracts. Arbi is an excellent source of dietary fiber and good carbohydrates, both of which improve the function of digestive system and can contribute to healthy weight loss. It is advised to eat boiled or steamed arbi which could be mixed with onions and lemon juice for good taste. You could also dress it with some coriander leaves for a wholesome platter.

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