Organic Dried Red Chillies Guntur

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The Guntur chili is exceptionally dark red in color due to the rich source of capsaicin. It is said that it is this capsaicin content that is responsible for the color of chilies. In cooking, the chili is used as a whole and thrown in during the preparation, or it is ground into powder or a paste with other spices. Andhra cuisine is famous for its extremely spicy dishes and Guntur chili is the reason behind this. It is not only famous for its spiciness but also has many health benefits. Guntur chili has many nutritional benefits like a high source of vitamin C content and beta-carotene. Capsaicin is responsible for a positive effect on blood cholesterol and works as an anticoagulant. They are grown not only in Andhra but also in Madhya Pradesh. Known for its heat, Guntur has become so popular that it is exported all over the world.

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