Naario Rose Sherbet

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Remember how no guests left our house without having a glass of the ice-cold sherbet in summers. The colas and shakes might have usurped that memory but rose sherbet still remains one of our most delicious food stories! Be it in a traditional way to break Roza or as non-traditional way as using this to marinate chicken. (Did we hear a “Huh?”)
The rose sherbet may have seeped into India through Nur Jahan- one of the most powerful women of 17th century India- who decided to bottle the smell of roses. While the rose sherbet may seem like a leisure drink, it is much more than that. It is a coolant with therapeutic properties. It can be used to treat digestive distress, improves the skin, and can be used for relieving stress.

Naario Rose Sherbet is a 200-year-old heirloom recipe that changes its color with every batch just like the roses in your garden change their color with every season.
Size: 400ml
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Sugar, Rose Petals Water, Citric Acid