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Isomalto-oligosaccharide (vegetable source), Citrus Fiber, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Natural Flavour: Watermelon, Strawberry and Apple, Natural Colour

Product description

Niblerzz makes sweet moments even sweeter with their Large Bag of Lollipops. These lollipops come in a variety of delectable fruit flavors, ensuring a lollipop for every taste preference. Made with 100% real fruit flavors and free from added sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors, these lollipops offer a delightful and healthier alternative to traditional candy. The secret to their exceptional flavor lies in the natural essence of real fruits. Each lollipop encapsulates the unique and vibrant notes of different fruits, creating a symphony of flavors that will captivate your taste buds. With a vegan-friendly recipe, Niblerzz ensures that everyone can enjoy these lollipops without the use of any animal-derived ingredients. Savoring these lollipops is like stepping into a candy wonderland filled with the natural colors and flavors of fruits. Niblerzz's commitment to providing a guilt-free and diverse fruit experience makes these lollipops the perfect choice for those who appreciate both delicious and wholesome treats.

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 7 KCal

Carbs: 3.51 gm

Protein: 0.01 gm

Fats: 0.01 gm

Cholesterol: 0.0 gm

Fiber: 3.05 gm

Sugar: 0.27 gm

Health Benefits

Portion-controlled treats help manage calorie intake and reduce overindulgence
Fruit-flavored lollipops offer a sweet, low-calorie alternative to sugary candies
A variety of fruit flavors add an array of vitamins and minerals to your diet

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