Organic Kangra Green Tea

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 WORLDS BEST  Ultra-Premium Globally Awarded Organic Orthodox Kangra Green Whole Loose Tea Leaves, especially Handcrafted in a Single Estate in The Exotic Kangra Valley in The Himalayas

 ZERO  Zero Artificial Flavors, Zero Heavy Metals, QCL Approved, All Ingredients 100% Organic, Zero use of Tin, Plastic & Aluminium Foils to retain its organic nature

KHAGOFE Guarantee  K: Kangra Tea (GI Tagged), H: Handcrafted, A: Awarded Globally, G: Finest Grade, O: Completely Certified Organic, F: First Flush & Nothing Else, E: Earth Friendly Packaging

 HEALTHIEST TEA Helps in Weight Loss, for Healthy & Youthful Skin, builds Immunity (wards off Viral & Bacterial Infections), good for Heart, Brain, Bone & preventing Cancers

SENSORY EXPERIENCE A mid-morning & early evening tea with an undiluted fruity aroma and sweetish undertone accompanied by a glowing greenish hue when brewed well below the boiling point, up to 4 re-infusions

Pack: 20gm
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