Hops Commbucha

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Green Tea, Raw Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Hops

Product description

Hops Aromatic pine, citrus, and floral notes of the dried hops flowers make for a delicious and gut-friendly Kombucha. Hops Commbucha delivers a unique fusion of hops' earthy bitterness and kombucha's effervescence. Probiotics enrich gut health while the aromatic complexities of hops intrigue the palate. This beverage invites enthusiasts to explore the interplay between traditional hops and contemporary fermentation. Some might say it's tastier than a beer and definitely healthier!

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 17 KCal

Carbs: 3.45 gm

Protein: 0.78 gm

Fats: gm

Cholesterol: gm

Fiber: gm

Sugar: 3.35 gm

Health Benefits

Antioxidant rich
Gut friendly drink

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