Hibiscus Kombucha

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Kombucha is a sweet, tangy, and naturally carbonated fermented tea. It is made by fermenting green/black/oolong tea using a culture popularly known as the SCOBY. The resultant drink is flavored using various fruits and spices. Samurais, Ninjas everyone consumed kombucha for its amazing health benefits. Mossant fermentary's products are probiotic and made with premium ingredients, adhering to the highest hygiene standards. Fermentation lends amazing depth to flavor while preserving nutrition. They don’t use additives or artificial flavors, great as healthy alternatives to packaged products. This bottle of hibiscus kombucha has a zesty and floral yet sweet flavor. Made with the Finest Hibiscus available, and blended with our Lime and Orange Peel. Consumed all over the world for its Medicinal Properties, Our Hibiscus Kombucha is Healthy Tasty, and Refreshing.

Pack: 200 ml
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