Henna Mix

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Ancient Living Henna Mix is aplant basedhair treatment, to addcolourand nourishment. These plants based ingredients have been grown in their natural habitat and have not been subject to any chemical treatment or modification. All the natural nutrients are thus well preserved. They have the highest level ofherbconcentration. This potent formula contains various precious herbs andprovidea natural alternative to chemical color treatments. Henna and Neeli are two natural, safe hair colorants for hair trusted over generations.

Bhringraj helps in darkening of hair. It is one of the prime herbs used in hair care.This pack is enriched with Triphala or 3 fruits which are-Amalaki, BibhitakiandHaritaki. It is considered as atridoshicrasayanhaving balancing and rejuvenating effects on the three constitutional elements that govern human life namely- Vata, PittaandKapha.Methiisrich in protein and a natural source of minerals. Helps in making hair soft while giving strength.

Pack: 100 gm
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