Hemp Spray for Pets - Outdoor

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Cure By Design Hemp Spray for Dogs - Outdoor 

Short Description

Our Hemp Outdoor Spray for Pets is made from only natural ingredients (no toxins or chemicals!) with no artificial fragrances. This bug repellent for dogs is a MUST HAVE for protecting your beloved pet from ticks, fleas, and other 20+ bugs, insects and insects & pests. Keep your pets protected when they play outdoors while making them smell great!

Long Description

Whether your dog spends most of his time outdoors or inside, this natural spray is the only solution you need. Ideal for everyday use. Made from organic and natural ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Oil and Citronella oil which are completely harmless but effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more than 20 other insects.

This product works well against ticks, flea's and many other bugs as well. Ingredients include Hemp Seed Oil, Neem oil, citronella oil, sea salt and distilled water.

Spray 3 -4 times over your dog's body before going out of the house, and reapply as needed.

A simple yet effective recipe for an all natural bug repellent. ​ This spray is made with non toxic products, and is even safe for the humans in your family,  so you can use it on yourself and not just on your dog.

Water Based.

Shake well before each use.


Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Sesame Oil, Citronella Oil and distilled water.

Net Content


MRP - 250/-

Pack: 50ml

Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Sesame Oil, Citronella Oil And Distilled Water.



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