Hemp protien powder
Hemp protien powder
Hemp protien powder

Hemp protien powder

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Harvested in the luscious foothills of The Mighty Himalayas and grown in pristine nature, this Super-Food is a power-house of nutrients. 

100% Raw • Vegan • Sustainable • No-Preservatives • Gluten-Free • Direct from Farmers •

Nutrients offered by Hemp Protein

• A complete protein

• One of the only plants in the world to produce 'Edestin' - the most digestible form of protein

• Contains Albumin protein 

• Also has the highest amount of Edestin protein in the world

• Includes all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids

• High in Fiber

•A perfect balance of Omegas 3 & 6

Pack: 100 gm
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