Hazelnut Spread Choco Delight

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The popular store bought hazelnut spread is mainly sugar & oil. So here's a clean label version of it. Chocolate spread with a hazelnut twist. This Creamy Hazelnut Spread is made with 80% Nuts (Hazelnuts, Almonds, Cashews), Organic Raw Cacao, and flavored with Organic Raw Sugar and Organic Rock Salt. Packed with dietary fiber, healthy fats, rich in anti-oxidants, Vit B2, Vit D, and Iron. Best enjoyed on toast, in a smoothie, as a dip for fruits, or mixed in with a bowl of oatmeal/muesli. Or just dig into the jar as is.

Pack: 200 gm
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Hazelnuts (40%), Almonds, Cashewnuts, Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Khandsari Sugar, Organic Jaggery, Organic Rock Salt.