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Hand Cleansing Sanitizer Spray

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Rs. 95.00

Ancient Living Hand Cleansing Sanitizer comes with an aloe vera base and is enriched with neem, basil, and lemongrass oils which are antiviral and antimicrobial. It efficiently disinfects the bacteria, moisturizes, and refreshes the senses with its soothing, natural aroma.

Our Hand Cleansing Sanitizer has been made with a 75% Isopropyl alcohol base which has been proven to effectively kill infection-causing microbes. Sanitizers can get very drying but our aloe vera which is completely natural nourishes the hands. Neem oil eliminates any potential infections whereas basil oil has an immediate cooling effect which leaves you feeling energized. Lemongrass oil acts as a natural disinfectant and uplifts your mood.

It can be a hassle to wash our hands when we dont have access to water, which happens in most cases. At such times using sanitizer is quick and handy. Our sanitizer is made using natural and organic ingredients to further boost the positive effects of sanitizing. It can be used multiple times in a day without any worry because it is completely safe. It is quick to use and easy to carry, be it work or travel.