Cold Pressed Almond Oil - Wildermart
Cold Pressed Almond Oil - Wildermart
Healthy Fibres

Cold Pressed Almond Oil

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Product description

Diet Type: Vegan
Flavour: Nutty sweet Flavour
Special Feature: Cold Pressed in closed hygienic environment
Form: Liquid
Packaging: Glass Bottle
Available packing size: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml
Allergen: No allergens found
Recommended uses: Cooking, Salad / dessert dressing, Sauteing, Baby massage, For
skin care such as acne reduction, better skin tone, dark circle
removal, skin hydration. For hair care, accelerated hair growth,
natural hair shine, anti-frizz property, etc
About this item
EXTRACTED FROM CALIFORNIA SWEET ALMONDS - Almond oil is extracted from sweet Californian Almonds. Lot of care is being taken to maintain the hygiene and the temperature of the oil so that it doesn’t rise beyond 40C to 50C above the ambient temperature thus ensuring all the natural goodness in the oil. This unique and patented process is completely chemical free.
PROCUREMENT & PROCESSING – The raw materials undergo a special quality analysis to provide the consumers with the best quality oil. The process is done in a very hygienic environment.
ZERO CHEMICALS – Healthy Fibres Almond oil is of the purest form. This patented process is of its highest quality and with no adulterants and additives. The product contains NO CHEMICALS and is UNREFINED
HEALTH BENEFITS - It owes all its benefits to generous amounts of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin-E, potassium, proteins, zinc and other rich vitamins and minerals. Healthy Fibres Almond oil is full of natural taste and aroma.
COSMETIC BENEFITS – Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E making it the best for the skin, hair and nails. It is used in body massages as well to rejuvenate the body with all the goodness of the sweet almonds.

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 900 KCal

Carbs: gm

Protein: 0.0 gm

Fats: 99.95 gm

Cholesterol: gm

Fiber: gm

Sugar: gm

Health Benefits

Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair
Contains vitamin E for skin health and anti-aging benefits
Supports cognitive function and brain health

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