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Choco delight hamper

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Write a review
Rs. 2,500.00

Know anyone who absolutely loves chocolate? Then this one is for them. A beautifully curated, multi-brand chocolate lovers' delight box. Find a variety of different chocolate experiences, all packed in one beautiful gift box.


1. Snacking chocolate barks by Bean to Bark

2. 2* 200gm Jaggery based chocolate bar by Jus Trufs

3. Chocolate coated nuts (hazelnut, almonds, berries) by Bean to Nutters

4. Spoon lickin' good hazelnut spread by Jus Amazin (no artificial sugar)

5. Drinking Chocolate Tin by Mason & Co

6. Bean to bark single origin chocolate bar by Mason & Co

7. Chocolate truffle box by Jus Trufs

There has never been too much chocolate. So gift someone a chocolate-y smile this Diwali.