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Calm Chamomile Tea

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Kangra Green Tea, Pure Chamomile Flowers

Product description

Dive into relaxation with Kikaboni's Calm Chamomile Tea. Sourced from premium chamomile flowers, this caffeine-free infusion boasts a mild, floral flavor that soothes the senses. Renowned for its calming properties, chamomile has been cherished for generations as a natural remedy for promoting sleep and relaxation. Enjoy a cup of this comforting blend, ideal for winding down and embracing tranquility after a busy day.

Nutrition per 100 gm

Energy: 360 KCal

Carbs: 63.34 gm

Protein: 22.09 gm

Fats: 2.0 gm

Cholesterol: gm

Fiber: gm

Sugar: gm

Health Benefits

Promotes better sleep and relaxation
May alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress
Supports digestive health

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