Burnt Chilli & Garlic Hard Cheese

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Product Description

This beautiful cheese spread is an aged mature vegan cheese made with the goodness of organic cahsews. Millie's Cheese was one of the chosen brands to showcase her cheese to the Masterchef Australia team at World on A Platter event a few years back. So you know that you are tasting some of the finest cheese in Bangalore - vegan or not.

Enjoy this cashew based, handcrafted cheese with crackers, sourdough or on a charcuterie board. This has the sweet pungent taste close to cheese, only better. The burnt chilli garlic flavour stands out strong, but not overpowering. The exciting bit about this cheese wheel is that you can grate it, slice it, dice it. It melts and gets even tastier.

What makes this cheese even more striking? It's whole food plant based. No processed stuff, no preservatives at all. And 0 cholesterol. Grab this bottle of fine gourmet cheese and give your taste buds a super scintillating time. Relish it one spread at a time.

Pack: 175gm
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