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Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads

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Write a review
Rs. 249.00

Who am I?
I am Sirona's Black Pad. I am made with Nature’s Love!
How am I made?
Carbon is captured from sustainable natural
resources, such as Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava & Straw Bale, & transformed into PLA using hot air non-spring process - making me completely bio-based,
bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, ultra-thin, breathable,
& gentle on your skin.

What I don’t have?

I don't contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.
I hate how they harm you and our mother earth.
1. Paraben-free
2. Toxic-free
3. No artificial colours
4. Chlorine-free
• COLOUR (BLACK) Make Periods Colourful
• Super Absorbent (No More Leakage)
• Bio-degradable (Better for the Planet)
• Ultra-thin (Forget Rashes)
• Made up of (Natural Ingredients)

Ultra-Thin Natural sanitary pads

Why am I not white?
My family at Sirona believes that periods shouldn't be boring anymore. They made me for a chic, stylish & the fascinating girl just like you! Wait until you see more of my friends! Till then, I will keep you happy with my super cool look & also save you from having to look at both blood & boring sanitary pads.

Sirona’s promise
To pamper you with the most exotic elements from Mother Nature!