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Baby Bath Powder

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Rs. 395.00

For generations our ancestors have only let natural ingredients touch the sensitive skin of babies and walking in their footsteps we came with our baby bath powder which is carefully packed with the most gentle of ingredients. Ancient Livings Baby Bath Powder is the softest and mildest of cleansers because we understand the need for your precious little babys skin. It is made of safe, organic, pure herbs and pulses that will make your baby giggle with happiness during their bathing sessions and leave their skin petal-soft.

It consists of ingredients such as crushed almonds and vitamin E which gently lubricates your babys skin. Mugda and Navara rice form a mild base for cleansing and exfoliation. Because, at the end of the day we want our babys skin to be clean of impurities after all the crawling, playing in the mud and touching unhygienic objects. Orange peel and Kasturi clear the skin and impart a healthy glow while vetiver cradles your baby with its cooling mist. We understand a mothers love for her baby and we tried to reciprocate the same love through our baby bath powder.