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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to be unhealthy and how hard it is to be healthy? We are trying our every bit to help so you can be the best version of you! If you are ordering the usual suspects every week or month, then make it easier on yourself. Just tell us once how to set it up and we will get it done.

Sometimes we all need a good reco

Experience the personal touch of a human interaction, but at your own discretion. If you want to know what a product is, change your plan, or just have questions about a conscious way of life, reach out to this partner who will assist you through this journey.

We know life has its own plans

This is your plan. You can pause it when you want, add items and remove items as & when you want. We want this process to be easier on you, not more painful! So feel free to reach out to your assistant shopper to get any changes made.

you make plans,
we will follow them through

Conscious consumption is a lot about maintaining a discipline. But the joy of healthy & conscious consumption shouldn't become a chore for you. So let us manage the discipline of ensuring there is kale at your house all the time. And you just enjoy its health benefits.