Get Rewarded and Gamify your Shopping Experience with Wildermart Loyalty Program

In a world of fast fleeting discounts, we value commitment, and loyalty. Old school values. And like any relationship, we have to take effort from both sides to keep the spark alive. Here's our version of 'I'll buy you flowers everyday'.

Earn Wild Coins and Spend them on Your Next Purchase

Wild Coins

Wild Coins is the Wildermart currency and our way to reward customers for their purchases and their engagements. Each Wild Coin can be redeemed for INR 1 and can be used against your next purchase.

Earning Wild Coins

You earn Wild Coins for your purchases and engagements on the store & community. With Wild Coins, you can easily gamify your shopping experience. Learn how to earn coins <<link to bottom>>.

Redeeming Wild Coins

You can redeem up to 500 Wild Coins on every order, irrespective of the order value. And unlike food, your points don't expire. So you can come back anytime and pick up from where you left off.

How to earn Wild Coins

- Get started with 100 Wild Coins

- Earn 1 Wild Coin for every INR 20 you spend

- Unlock collections and earn 25 Wild Coins

- Write a review and earn 25 or 50 Wild coins, depending on whether it's a written or photo review

- Place 3 recurring orders each more than INR 250 to earn 50 Wil coins

- Join our Instafam and earn 20 Wild Coins

- Recommend our store on social media and earn 10 points for each share

- Earn Wild Coins for completing your profile

- Play games to earn Wild Coins

- Get active on our health community Sano and earn Wild Coins

- Connect with workout apps to earn rewards

- Add items tagged as 'HealthyAF' to your basket for extra rewards

Unlock Your Healthy Journey with a Healthy Tier System

Level 1: Blush - Get a Flush of health

Start your health journey with Healthy Tier System at the Blush Level. Register on our Reward Program and start earning Wild Coins with our checklist. We'll help you make the most of your health journey, no matter how experienced you are.

Level 2: Peach - Become Healthy as a Peach - 1,500 Wild Coins

Take your health journey to the next level with the Peach Level. Get complimentary annual Sano Membership. Plus, you'll get a 1.1X Wild Coins Multiplier. That's 27.5 Wild Coins for every review now!

Level 3: Pink - Get in the Pink of Health - 5,000 Wild Coins

If you're looking to take your health journey to its peak, the Pink Level is the perfect destination. Get rewarded for your commitment to health with a gift card worth INR 2500 and a 1.2X Wild Coins Multiplier. Get a shopping assistant to get the best recommendations from the store.

Level 4: Fuschia - Healthy Shiny & Fuschia - 10,000 Wild Coins

It's time to show off your commitment to health! Reach the Fuschia level and unlock rewards like one month's worth of groceries worth INR 10,000 FREE and a 1.3X Wild Coins Multiplier. Get personalised nutrition baskets + meal plans designed for you from our nutritionists every month.

Sign Up Today & Start Earning

Finally, it is rewarding to get healthy! Sign up with Wild Coins today and start reaping the benefits of your commitment to health. Get rewarded for your efforts and unlock amazing rewards that will help you stay on track and reach your goals. Start earning today with Wild Coins!