Become a Wilderling - Get Exclusive Membership Privileges and Enjoy the Perks of Being Healthy

Wilderling is the Wildermart rewards program that offers exclusive privileges to health enthusiasts. As a member, you can gain access to premium content on Sano, get zero delivery, better reward points & more. Get privy to new launches, store-wide discounts & a lot more Wilderling-only awesomeness! Join the Wildermart Membership today and enjoy these amazing perks!

Wilderling-Only Content on Sano

As a Wilderling, you can gain access to premium content on Sano, the community for health enthusiasts. Follow your favorite health influencer's health journey and get the inside stories of healthy cooking & eating around town.

Zero Delivery Fees

As a Wilderling, you enjoy the freedom to order whatever you need, whenever you need it with zero delivery fees. While you enjoy the convenience of free delivery, remember that every delivery has an impact on the environment. Be conscious of your choices and choose wisely.

Get 1.1X Rewards

If you are in the Blush Level of reward program, then you can still get 1.1X reward on every action when you become a Wilderling. This way, you can jump to the Peach Tier faster.

15% Off on Subscriptions

When you start a subscription as Wilderling, you get 15% off on every bill, an extra 5% discount than others. Get your prescribed products delivered on a regular schedule without any delay.

15% Affiliate Commission

Join our Affiliate Program as a Wilderling and get 15% Commission on every sale, an extra 5% more than the other affiliates. Refer and recommend our products and make money with each sale.

Wilderling-only Offers

As a Wilderling, you get exclusive access to amazing offers from our in-store brands. Get early access to store-wide discounts and stock up on your favourites.

Early Access to Brand Launches

Be the first to know about the latest brand launches on our store, and get special Wilderling-only launch discounts. With Wilderling's Early Access membership, you can be the first to get your hands on the hottest new products before anyone else.

Complimentary Samples

Discover more products and brands with complimentary samples every now and then. As a Wilderling, you get to explore a lot more of our portfolio before you commit to new brands.

Wilderling-only Brand Discounts

Unlock exclusive discounts by partner brands as a Wilderling. Discover new brands in the health segment who can further support you on your health journey.


Join the Wildermart Membership today and enjoy these amazing perks! Don't miss out on exclusive content, zero delivery charges, better reward points and all the other awesome rewards. As a Wilderling, you can get the most out of your health journey and maximize your savings! Sign up for our membership now and start unlocking all the great benefits that come with being a Wilderling.