Getting healthy is tough. Staying healthy is tougher. Let our health service experts assist you in the process. Discover health services which will help unlock a different level in your health journey. Redeem your hard earned loyalty points right here.

What services to expect

Nutrition Consults

Meal plans, weight gain/loss, consultations, health coaches

Training Classes

Yoga, martial arts, dance, personal training - any class promoting health

Diagnostic Tests

Any kind of preventive or investigative tests to keep in sound health

Wellness Experiences

Spa, energy healings, alternate healings, plant medicine & more

Disease Reversal

Diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, Whole Food Plant Based & more

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Activity Venues

Events at local venues to promote health & wellness

Meal Deliveries

Healthy food delivery services, detox plans, subscription services

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Care at Home

Care givers, home doctors, nurses - health service providers at home

How can you redeem?

Only members are allowed to redeem their loyalty points. You redeem the points on discovering health services.