Monetise your knowledge of health and wellness with Wildermart's Community Creator Program

Wildermart is proud to introduce Sano - a vibrant, supportive community centered on health and wellness. Here you will find a safe space where you can easily create content related to your favorite topics while connecting with other like-minded people in meaningful ways. Through Sano, we strive to make learning about overall wellbeing approachable and enjoyable for everyone! So come share stories, lend advice or just have some fun - the possibilities are endless at Sano.

Share your knowledge with Sano

Wildermart's Community Creator program gives you the power to share your knowledge of health with a large, engaged community at Sano. Whether you are a nutritionist, doctor, chef, trainer or sports person, you can use your subject matter expertise to help people better understand health and make informed decisions.

Earn Money From Your Knowledge

You don't need to be an expert in digital marketing to monetise your knowledge - Wildermart's Community Creator program lets you earn money for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You can share your expertise with our community and get rewarded for it. Plus, customers can find and purchase the products you recommend in our store, so you can be sure that your recommendations will make an impact.

Simple, Easy to Understand Format

We understand that not everyone understands complex medical jargon or technical terms. That's why we make sure to provide our community with simple, easy to understand educational materials about health. Our community creators can help explain complicated topics in easy to understand language - helping more people access accurate information about health and wellness.


How does it work:

1. Create content on Sano - Sano is a new community around health & wellness being developed on & by Wildermart. Here, you get to create engaging content on various health and wellness topics and also have a space for meaningful interactions with a like-minded community. Share your experiences, give pro-tips, and make learning about wellness fun, doable, and relatable for everyone involved.

2. Grow the Sano community - Spread the word about Sano in your personal community and beyond. Our platform comes equipped with robust sharing tools that enable you to reach out to a wider audience on social media, WA, blogs, email, and more. Encourage others to join the conversation and benefit from the insights being shared on our platform.

3. Earn from the Growing Community - As more people join our growing community Sano, your potential to earn from your expertise and content increases. By actively participating and providing value to your audience, you'll see a steady rise in your income, giving you a rewarding experience as a wellness creator.



1. Grow your Community - Gain access to the communities of creators who share a common interest in health and wellness. This targeted exposure ensures that your content reaches the right people and paves the way for greater collaboration, networking, and growth in your niche.

2. Enhance Your Personal Brand - With a platform dedicated to health and wellness, your content and expertise will be highlighted to an audience that values your knowledge. This will quickly establish you as a credible authority in your field and boost your personal brand presence.

3. Continuous Learning and Growth - Engage with other wellness enthusiasts, professionals, and trainers in a supportive and learning-oriented environment. Benefit from peer learning, curated resources, and expert advice that will contribute to your overall journey as a wellness trainer.

Moreover, don't stress about consistently creating new content; our platform encourages the recycling of existing content to keep the process streamlined and efficient.


You totally got to do it!

As a health practitioner, you know how tough it is to stay disciplined. Researching for hours, doing meal preps, trying to find the right foods, finding like-minded, encouraging people. It is tough & lonely.

So let's get together to build a community that can connect. When we join forces, with your advise and our products, we will be able to build an authentic, honest, health community where people can learn and grow.


Unlock your expertise in health and wellness - Join Wildermart's Community Creator Program today!