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A Reverting History of Good Health...
Exhibiting an impeccable identity of belonging from the pristine foothills of the Himalayas on the border of India and Bhutan to the domineering landings on the retail war land, it's a journey that is stirringly inspiring and a booster for scaling higher. Having a simple and dedicated wish of helping the consumers to avail their favourite products at ease.
Resonating with the consistent assurance of quality products. The invisible thread that they connect to the traditional homemade recipes with the current generation, is to bring back the true essence of good food in today's diluted world of mixed choices.
With Qualinut, embark on this journey of catching up with good health with a sparkling twist of delectable tastes.

What’s in a Name!
Carrying a name that itself imbibes the true nature of our endeavours, Qualinut belongs from a delightful tale that carves its identity for years. The commitment of quality and taste to be at its best has been the base conceptualization behind the name.
More than being just a name, Qualinut stands for a distinguished repute of quality and standards and has set a benchmark that is clearly visible for the customers to trust and fall in love with.
As the tagline goes ‘Just for the Health of it's, their mantra lies in their extended efforts on infusing and reaping the goodness of Himalayan purity into each of our products, considering your health to be of utmost importance to us is met satisfactorily.
Just for the Health of it!

Our Products

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Qualinut Gourmet

Hot & Spicy Makhana

Rs. 99.00
40 gm
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Rs. 99.00
100 gm
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Rs. 169.00
100 gm