Plant Based Meats

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Place the Order For Mock Meat from Wildermart

There is a big shift happening in the way people are consuming meat today. Most people are aware of the health and environmental damages caused by meat and are making conscious choices to switch to alternatives of plant based meat and mock meats. The good news is that there is a lot of innovation happening in this space in India and worldwide.

The alternatives come in different shapes and sizes. Brands are manufacturing plant based meat made with soya and pea and other vegetable bases. There are a lot of jackfruit based substitutes in the market now. A lot of work is happening on creating lab grown meat - which is meat made from the cell of an animal - but grown inside a lab - so it is not really a sentient animal. These are exciting times for anyone wanting to transition to a plant based meat diet.

Benefits of Consuming Vegan Meat

No cholesterol - Animals make cholesterol in their bodies. Plants don't. So when we consume animals, we are ingesting dietary cholesterol. This is one of the leading causes of heart attacks today. Have you noticed how many young people go through this fate today? The cause is on their plate. Plant based meats are 0 cholesterol alternatives.
Reduced risk of cancer - WHO has put processed meat at the same level of carcinogens as cigarettes. Eating sausages, bacon, ham, etc create long term carcinogenic effects in your bodies. Imagine feeding your kids that breakfast every few days!
Better digestion - Our stomachs love plants. And you can see the impact of switching to a plant based diet almost in a few weeks. Your digestion will be better. You will feel a lot lighter. Of course, if you add meat alts into the mix, it may be compromised a bit given that it is processed food. But even then, nothing like the feeling of a clean stomach no? Sleep better & more peacefully on a lighter stomach. Try it!
Less fat - Animal meat has a very high fat content. Almost every celebrity you saw switch to a plant based diet has had a very successful weight loss story. You can head out on this journey of cleaning out your system, while losing weight in the process. Your energy levels will also increase on a healthy plant based diet.
Helps in conserving the environment: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change today. Rainforests are being raised to create grazing ground. A lot of land is being utilised to grow animal feed - land that could feed humans directly and possibly end world hunger. The water footprint of meat is huge. And then comes the waste - all of their poop lands up in our water bodies - untreated. Imagine the health impact of that!
Reduces animal suffering: There is no amount of words that can describe the pain and suffering caused to these farmed animals - from birth to death. You can watch documentaries like Dominion to really understand the depth of this cruelty. Free-range animals meet the same fate of death - so an incrementally good life before you meet the knife isn’t particularly a respite from animal cruelty - is it?

Buy the Best Quality Vegan Meat Online in Bangalore from Wildermart

If you are a person who is looking for options related to vegan meat Bangalore, you need to visit Wildermart. We give you great options to buy plant based meat online. Find the type of meat you want, and try out the best brands in the market.

We taste test all the mock meats to ensure you don’t have a bad experience with any one of them. We also look at their nutritional labels to bring to you the least processed ones. Note that most vegan meats are not gluten-free and won’t be for a while. Your best substitute will probably then be jackfruits.

We have meats for Indian & Asian curries, burgers, sausages, nuggets, kebabs, biryani and a lot more. Brands are working harder to bring more alternatives. All of them give you above 90% taste match. They have great real meaty texture. So you are spoilt for choice today.