Why are we vegan?

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 08, 2022

Why are we vegan?

When as a grocery store we choose to not sell dairy, eggs & meat in India, we are consciously saying goodbye to a ton of business. So why do we do this?

When we chose to open a 'healthy & sustainable' grocery store, we had to really sit down and dive deep into both these words - because both of them are huge commitments we are making to our customers. And we were very certain that without being vegan, both these words were empty promises.

There is a lot of data which talks about dairy, meats & eggs being detrimental to human health. There is a lot more conflicting data which says otherwise. It is difficult to decide which one to believe since a lot of the bigger research is globally paid for by the very industry that it investigates. So there is a clear conflict of interest for real data to be made available easily. Hence, the onus really comes to an individual to understand, apply logic and then convince themselves to pick a side. But this choice becomes super easy when you meet folks who have been vegan for years and have never faced a health battle. It is also easy when you personally know of people who are reversing diseases only with food. We can keep looking for bigger data & proof, but the biggest proof is always in how our own body responds. And there is only one way to find out - try vegan. See how you feel after a month, see how your health markers change - and then you will know! The best part is that you won't lose out on anything in a month - you always have the freedom to go back to how you were. But the upside is that you could potentially alter & elevate the quality of the rest of your life.

Thankfully, there is less debate on the impact of animal agriculture on climate change. People are already informed and in agreement. However, making amends to our lifestyle still takes time for many. Reality is that the human species will not survive in its current form for long. We may adapt or move to another planet, but a vast majority of the species will be wiped out. In this doomsday scenario, either we can take the 'we are all going to die anyway' approach or try and do something about it so slow down this damage. We find that changing our food gives us a great sense of control & achievement of having done something tangible and contributed to climate change in a positive way.

One of the things we don't speak about vocally is animal rights. The reason we don't do it is because we get shy of being branded activists. But the truth is that we are activists. We want to do everything that we can to spare any and every animal life that we can. We know that we exist in a connected world. Every sentient being, every microbe - is a part of this perfectly designed system. Things go awry when we start messing with it.

Animal rights is also the reason why we don't do ethically sourced animal products. We don't believe in free range, A2, etc. Because whether or not an animal lived a good life is irrelevant when you finally choose to take away their lives. It cannot be called kind. We do not have the right to take away the life of another being unless ofcourse it is an act of survival.

We understand that our stance as a business may inconvenience some of our customers who do not adhere to this way of life. But we do hope that through more information, more of us will become aware of the implications of our consumption and choose more mindfully.

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