Understanding the different plant mylks

by Wildermart Team on Feb 07, 2023

Understanding the different plant mylks

There are a lot of plant mylk sources suddenly in the market. But do you understand when to use which type and how they each taste? Let's get a quick low-down here.

Soy Mylk - Made with soybeans. Has a heavy soy taste - so will work for people who like the soy taste. Very high in protein. Creamy & thick texture. Apparently foams real well in coffees. Doesn't give manboobs - it has phytoestrogens while cow milk has ACTUAL estrogens. So, no. We have not got soy milk in yet - but soon to get a new brand here. In the market, you can try Sofit.

Almond Mylk - Much more neutral tasting. Lighter & thinner than soy. But the neutral taste helps in putting it into raw milk usages - like with granola or cold coffee. Not the most water efficient option compared to dairy, but sustainable from a 'trees don't fart methane' logic. Brands to try: Borges, Jus Amazin, Only Earth

Coconut Mylk - Thick & creamy mylk known to all us Indians rather well. You can thin this out to go with granolas & lattes. Or use the thick version for desserts & cooking thai curries or halwas & payasams. It does have a heavy coconut flavour - so be mindful of that. Brands to try: Only Earth

Oat Mylk - OatMylk is the new black. This mylk has come and owned the market. Due to its neutral taste, it can really be added into anything at all. And it froths real well, so fast becoming a barista favourite. Ideally, the cost Brands to try: AltCo, OatMlk, Oatey Barista Grade & Oatey Stevia Sweetened Chocolate

There are some more nuts & seeds you could use to mylk - hazelnut, walnut, watermleon, etc. Basically, if you can juice out a plant source, you can perhaps make mylk out it.

Special Mentions:

Millet Mylk - This is a fun new addition to the gang. Oatey has made a oat & millet mix with this. Millet comes with its own benefits - and in its drinkable format, works like a great pre-biotic as well.

Cashew Oat Mylk - This is a special mention for our friends at One Good. Their cashew oat mylk is made for making chai. It doesn't curdle when heated and is a super safe, tried & tested alt for chai cravings. Try also the sugar-free or chocolate version.

Rice & Nut Mylk - Borges has some really good blends of some nuts & rice mylk sources. Try the hazelnut & rice and walnut & rice and almond & rice. Great for granolas & raw consumption. Also makes for good hot chocolate - depending on the nuttiness you like.

While you can make most of these mylks at home through a patient process, you may not get the nutrition you are looking for since most of these mylks are fortified - especially the oat ones.

It's also important to note that most of these mylks use some kind of emulsifier or oil to get the consistency and sugars for flavour. This can be avoided if you make your own - but the consistency will be more watery. We are always on the lookout of fresh, clean label mylks. If you know of one, do tell us!

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