Things to know when you are eating preservative-free foods

by Wildermart Team on Feb 13, 2023

Things to know when you are eating preservative-free foods

Preservative-free foods obviously have lower shelf lives. This means they WILL go bad very fast once you open the pack.

Usually, at the time of packaging, manufacturers will use techniques to remove any air exposure in the product, thereby preventing microbial activity. This will typically give the product anywhere between 3-6 months of shelf life. As compared to this, any store-bought jam will last 12-18 months.

When consuming preservative-free products, it's best to follow these tips:

  1. Eat them faster - Don't store these foods for long. They WILL go bad. But they taste so good, so eating them fast shouldn't be a real problem
  2. Get smaller jars - Most of these foods come in great re-usable jars. Don't buy in bulk - buy fresh, eat, buy again.
  3. Put them in the fridge - Always always, keep non-shelf stable foods in the fridge. They will develop mould very soon. That's a sign that it's a clean label product :)
  4. Store them air-tight - Keep these products in air-tight containers to limit the air exposure.
  5. Buy locally - These products anyway have a low shelf life. Some of that will be further lost in travel. So best to find local brands for this purpose.

Check out our wide selection of preservative-free foods. We carefully check every label before we bring in the products on our shelves - such that your job is easier after that!

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