Say hello to Wildermart

by Shweta Thakur on Nov 18, 2021

Say hello to Wildermart

Yes, our blog posts are finally going live.

We thought about it long and hard and realised that our story is so rich, it cannot be contained in a few social media posts. Hence, we had to have a narrative of our own. Follow this blog to get an insight into some of the richest content on conscious consumption.

Wildermart is not just a marketplace. Ofcourse, our manifestation is in the form of a store, but our purpose is much bigger. We exist to provide people with the information and solutions that they need to consume clean & consciously. The largest problems in the world - deteriorating human health and climate change - are both caused by the way we consume. And groceries is what we consume multiple times in a day. So if we were to change that, wouldn't we see the needle shift for everything?

We have all been conditioned and raised a certain way - which pretty much glorifies consumption of all kinds. However, when we start challenging those notions, we will be met with a lot of resistance and inconvenience. It is important that like-minded then come together to form a community which can give us the comfort and pride in doing what we believe to be right. And that is what we plan to do here at Wildermart. Become that voice of reason in a world full of noise. We have only one agenda - change the world with the way we consume.

If unhealthy and unsustainable products are available at the tap of a button, why aren't healthy & sustainable products available like that? Why can we never get our food without the plastic? Why does every product label have INS or palm oil in it? Why can't food just be food anymore? Why do I need to feel guilty after ordering something online?

These are the questions that have plagued us as consumers for a while and that's when we decided to become a part of the solution. As a company, we are paying attention to every detail so we can stay true to our promise to you - of healthy & sustainable solutions. We will keep upping our standards everyday. We will keep improving and leading you on the path of conscious consumption - one that is holistic and complete. So join us in this journey, and discover brands, people, beliefs, products, happiness - all together.


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