No chemicals in your cuppa

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 23, 2023

No chemicals in your cuppa

Do you know that tea & coffee is one of the most chemically sprayed crops? Over 200 pesticides are used on the tea & coffee plants. In case of tea, since the leaves are simply dried & rolled up, most of those chemicals stay on and release into your cups. Sounds scary right?

This is why we suggest switching to organic tea & coffee. Typically, tea & coffee plantations are located in hilly areas. This means the soil is anyway loose & suseptible to erosion. When you add chemicals to the mix, it becomes worse for the flora & fauna of those areas. Organic tea farms usually work with regenerative farming methods which builds up the very delicate hilly ecosystem.

Makaibari was the first tea estate to go fully organic in the 1960s under the leadership of the great tea connoisseur Rajah Banerjee. He has since then started a new tea brand

working with labour of limited means. These plantations have traditionally been know for human rights violations as well.


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