New Year, New Beginnings

by Shweta Thakur on Jan 19, 2023

New Year, New Beginnings

We are a small business with big ambition. The only way for us to get to that big ambition is to build a steady, genuine base of customers. To do that, it's important to always listen to the customers. That's exactly what we did. We got a lot of your feedback, put our heads down and got to work. We have fixed so many things on so many fronts. Now you be our judge and test it all out to tell us if we did it right!

Curation - We have some brilliant products on the store. However, we realised that some of you had some specific requirements to be met. And hence, we doubled up on those.

  • Veganuary launches - We got in a few more vegan products into the store for Veganuary. The highlight of it all are the cheeses. Try the Katharos cheese - exceptional melt - totally real cheese pizza worthy kinda!
  • FnV - We have had issues in the past around not having too many SKUs. We have worked hard on that. We got a new vendor to bring in a lot more SKUs. We have also started growing our leafies in our own polyhouse. And the first harvest just came out!
  • Staples - On the staples side, we will be working on getting more local & heirloom products. We are going deeper into this category to ensure you get the variety that you seek. Just btw, check out our black rice & red poha & emmer wheat flour. Some cool beans products which you won't find easily otherwise.

Customer Support - OMG! We had so much feedback to work on here. The root of this challenge lies in tech. Most of the support channels are built on tech and if the tech fails, the channel fails. So we went ahead & got ourselves some shining new tech!

  • New Whatsapp Support - We amped up on our Whatsapp. We have put a nice new ticketing system such that we have records of all troubles you face. We keep a track on it and have put in a stringet 'resolution' time to all of them.
  • New Call Support - Our IVR system has got a facelift. All your calls will now get answered without fail. And incase we miss it even after our 4 level support channel, then we will call you back!
  • Website Chat guided conversations - We are soon launching bot based guided conversations such that most of your common queries get resolved at the same time without having to wait for a manual intervention.
  • Post purchase processing updates - We are also soon launching a bright new backend which ensures that you are informed in every step of the way of your order processing.

Website - A website for an online store is like the shelves of an offline store. It always needs dusting & cleaning and re-organising!

  • Navigation - If you haven't seen it already, check out our new 'health-based navigation'. We are perhaps the first store in India to offer such an extensive health navigation. You will see some of it live already. But there's a lot more coming on that front.
  • Brand Pages - We have just launched brand pages. This a dedicated page for every brand to showcase their story to you. We know you may not know a lot of these brands and hence, it will be super fun to discover them.
  • Photos - It's hard to miss the gorgeous product photos on our store. We are always shooting beautiful photos because that's the only way to do justice to all the hard work that our brands put in.
  • Ingredients - We have updated ingredients of most of our products. We are so proud to have such clean labels - and we just had to show them off. Fun fact - did you know that we check 100% of the labels before we onboard the brands?
  • Packaging - We are also soon going to upload packaging information about the products. That way, you can choose the products with minimal or no plastic and have more sustainable options handy.
  • Product Descriptions - So many products, so much to say. We are always adding more info about our products such that you can make more informed decisions about your purchase.

Ops - For a small startup which does its own delivery, things aren't easy. All of backend has to be supported by superior tech to ensure that you have a smooth post purchase experience.

  • Better location tracking - We were having trouble storing locations at customer level. This meant that we would land up at wrong addresses every time or have to call you for addresses. But our new tech should be fixing that super smooth.
  • Minimised partial deliveries - Sometimes some products went out of stock and hence, we could deliver partial orders only. We have tightened our inventory planning to ensure you get all products in a single delivery (barring fresh bakery products)

New Product Launches - Products for us aren't always food :P We have launched some real cool things for you to try out!

  • Subscription - Our tech is finally ready to take your orders on auto-pilot. Nobody likes to do the same thing over & over again. It would so cool if you could just automate the boring parts & keep only the fun parts for you right? Put your regulars on subscription with us. And browse around for the new things for discovery. Life is much simpler that way :)
  • Zero Waste Subscription - We got tired of the plastic packaging in usual shelves and have always done a degradable/compostible packaging. Now we are taking baby steps to give you a 0 plastic offering. Soonly, we will be able to put you on memberships with 0 packaging altogether!
  • Reward Program - Have you tried our new reward program? We have completely gamified your experience of grocery shopping. It's actually fun to browse around, discover new categories, share with friends - and get rewarded for all of it in return.
  • Health Subscription - We are soon going to be launching some very cool subscriptions in association with our nutritionist friends. We won't tell you anything more about that just yet.

All in all, it's been a satisfying year end - to have solved for soooooo many of the issues. And we look forward to bringing you all back to a brand new experience in 2023. Shop away!

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